Why Men Fall Out With Hair

hair surgery for men

As they grow older, men lose some or all of their hair at gradual stages and over a period of time. No cause for alarm because for most men this is quite natural. It has to do with their genetic disposition as well. But currently, the alarm bells may be ringing a lot louder than before. Because more and more men seem to be falling out with their hair at a younger age. But this is still a false and premature alarm in the sense that clinical hair surgery for men is now fully at their disposal.

And at the same time, this is no time for complacency for those men who have not yet lost all of their hair. While hair can always be restored, effectively and, these days, quite naturally in a non-invasive manner, there are still other health factors, and potential risks to be taken into account. This leads this short article into its remainder. Just why are younger men losing their hair at such alarming rates?

Poor health, for one thing, much of which could have been avoided had the young man taken better care of himself. This will include personal hygiene which, of course, stretches to the scalp area. It also has to do with eating habits. Poor eating habits and a heavy consumption of alcohol, as well as excessive smoking, could lead to extreme loss of hair. Extreme loss of hair has also been blamed on extremely high and regular levels of stress and anxiety.

That much is so true, but much of this stress and anxiety could have been avoided had the young man taken better care of his eating and drinking habits. Of course, illness and disease also leads to hair loss. And again, much of that could have been avoided.